Think Mold Can’t Happen To Your House? Think Again. Here’s How To Stop Mold In Its Tracks, Before It Ever Has The Chance To Grow, And Infest Your Home

Mold needs moisture to feed off of in order to grow. The materials mold can grow on are endless. However, some of them are building materials, drywall, wood, clothing, or carpets. It can even grow on plants. Mold actually can, however, be controlled. The way you can do this is to be sure that there is not enough moisture in your home for it to grow. Know that moisture takes 24-48 hours to grow, so if anything ever gets wet, you should clean it up right away or at least within a few hours. Never let any wet clothing or wet carpet stay wet for a long time. 

Leaking pipes, roofs, or walls are known to cause mold. One thing you should always be sure to do is keep the exhaust fan on and/or a window open in the bathroom. The steam and water create enough moisture for mold to grow, for sure. If you ever see any leaks in the house, fix them right away. Condensation is another concern. It is actually one of the main causes of moisture growth. The way condensation forms is when water vapor in the air cools down and turns into liquid. It can happen on water tanks, concrete, or pipes. The best way to control this is to keep the rooms warmer rather than cold. If some rooms get colder than others, keep the door open so that air can flow.  

What you want to do is be sure that the humidity in the home is low. If the humidity is high enough, that is when mold will start to grow. In order to reduce it, you need to ventilate the house. If you are cooking in the kitchen, keep the window(s) open. If you are in the bathroom, keep the exhaust fan on as mentioned above. You can also purchase a dehumidifier which can and will make a big difference when it comes to combatting mold before it starts. 

You MUST be sure to put your clothes in the dryer right after the wash finishes. Otherwise, mold will start to grow on the clothes. Mold is very toxic and can be harmful to your health. Never let your clothes sit out wet for long periods of time. Cotton and wood are two other favorite materials of mold. Mold can actually grow on plastic, too. Always remember to dump out your tupperware from the fridge if food is old.

You should periodically inspect your wallpaper, plaster, furniture, ceilings, or carpets for mold. These are also common breeding grounds. This may surprise you, but 83% of mold grows off of dust by itself!

2 thoughts on “Think Mold Can’t Happen To Your House? Think Again. Here’s How To Stop Mold In Its Tracks, Before It Ever Has The Chance To Grow, And Infest Your Home

  1. We have a de-humidifier in our house, but for health reasons. I didn’t realize that it also helps with mold, but it makes sense after reading your article. Killing two birds I guess!

  2. I love our de-humidifier, we have one too. Actually, we have several. I’ve noticed that when I’m sick, it really helps. The air just feels better when you breathe in. Mold is really gross though. I have a friend that got it from a flood in her house, she had to rip out the whole living room. Felt bad for her.

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